Apples and pears

You know that saying “it’s like comparing apples and oranges”? Meaning, “you can’t compare these two things because they are obviously totally different!” I have always found that a poorly formulated saying. I compare apples and oranges frequently– every time I get the question “what kind of juice would you like?” for example. “It’s like comparing apples and shoelaces” would be more like it. But here’s the thing– Dutch people have made this saying EVEN WORSE! In Dutch the saying is “it’s like comparing apples and pears,” which is absolutely ridiculous because apples and pears are pretty much interchangeable. Just to prove my point, here are three recipes in which you can use apples OR pears one-to-one with no modifications needed.

Chill in the air

This week we’re still enjoying warm and sunny days but a chill creeps in as evening approaches. Maybe that’s why I have been in the mood for Autumn foods. The sage, rosemary, and thyme in my garden have been there all summer, but something feels right about using these herbs just now. I am tempted to indulge in wild yin-yang philosophising, but really I just think these herbs are at their best in the kind of warm, creamy, hearty dishes I crave as the nights grow cool.

Cucumber time!

In Dutch, cucumber time is a way of referring to the hot, lazy days of summer, when the kids are on holiday and the pace of business slows down a tick. I’m not sure the figurative cucumber time has arrived, but the literal cucumber time is upon us! I harvested the first cucumber this morning and, from the looks of it, cucumbers 2-5 will follow post haste. These three cucumber recipes will get heavy use in the coming days and weeks!

Fire up the grill

This weekend was our first real barbecue weather and we made the most of it! A generous platter of meat makes the Sunday barbecue festive but we always seem to over-do it. Not to worry– there’s no need to toss anything out! Yesterday’s steaks or sausages may not taste great on their own, but these three recipes make quick weeknight meals from the weekend’s grilled meats.