Lots of eggs!

Traditional cuisines from all over the world employ eggs to convert yesterday’s leftovers into tonight’s dinner. Eggs and baguette make an Italian strata, eggs and potatoes a Spanish torta. Eggs and rice become fried rice. Pasta goes into a frittata. And then there’s bread pudding… I could go on. The point is having eggs in the fridge is an opportunity, not a problem (at least from a leftover point of view). Eggs plus pretty much anything equals a crowd-pleasing dinner! Try these recipes to start.

Easter means eggs…

Easter means eggs! And while a good few of the eggs being eaten in our house are chocolate, the other kind of eggs are always part of the party too. Growing up, my family boiled eggs in colored water on Easter. A bit of the color always seeped inside, resulting in many-hued egg salad sandwiches the following week. If you want more flexibility for using your eggs, try gently hollowing them and decorating the shells. Today’s post includes some recipes for using one or two eggs. Later this week, I’ll post recipes which use lots of eggs.

Save it from the heap!

Today I’m adding three new recipes to the site. All of them feature star ingredients which you might be in the habit of tossing out. Have your Valentine’s Day roses lost their shine? Consider repurposing them to make a traditional Turkish drink. It’s delicious and fun! Likewise your orange peels and broccoli stems. They deserve so much better than the compost heap!


Your average Dutch person finds Valentine’s Day an absurd commercial marketing event, and prefers to sit it out thank you very much. I have consequently been forced to hone my pitch in favor of the holiday. My best argument so far is “What else makes February fun?” Not because it’s a great motivator, but because there’s no counterargument really. My opinion is that any holiday deserves three courses, but with Valentine’s on a Wednesday this year I’m keeping the menu weeknight-friendly.

Eat more vegetables part II: roasting

This January I’m focusing on easy, tasty, vegetable-based comfort foods. It’s a bit dreary outside but a tray of vegetables roasting in the oven makes the kitchen feel like a warm refuge. As an added bonus you can tell everyone that you are wildly successful in achieving this year’s New Year’s resolution to eat more vegetables.