Cooking with booze

I have to thank my coworker Alwine for inspiring this post and possibly a few others! When I told her about my website, she asked if I would be providing recipes for the never-expiring cans and bottles haunting her pantry shelves. Great idea! Our liquor cabinet was a very clear place to start: last summer’s cocktail ingredients are this winter’s dust catchers. New Year’s is just the time to polish off those bottles with these festive, boozy recipes!

From Christmas to New Year’s

My fanaticism for reducing food waste includes obsessive menu planning. For example, Christmas dinner should result in some superb leftovers for serving with champagne in the run-up to New Year’s Eve. Want to give it a try? First of all, you can delight the crowd with a proper Christmas ham, Belgian leek tart, and a gorgeous raspberry and white chocolate trifle. Your leftover ingredients become elegant canapés using the recipes below!

What’s for dinner?

If your life is anything like mine, December is always extremely busy. Cooking is usually a pleasure for me, but occasionally getting dinner on the table in a rush becomes a chore. These are my go-to solutions for hurried weeknight dinners when the fridge offers little inspiration. The easy pea curry uses peas from the freezer which you can always keep in stock. The sloppy joes are flexible enough to allow you to use pretty much whatever you have on hand. If you keep shredded cheese in the fridge or freezer, leftover tortillas can become quesadillas in a flash.

Super-fast party food

With Thanksgiving behind us the December party season can officially start! If you find yourself spontaneously hosting a soiree this year, here are a few party recipes ready in less than five minutes. Or, if you just happen to have these items left in the fridge, maybe that’s a good enough excuse to throw a party!

Cold-weather vegetables

Eating indulgently and seasonally requires a certain amount of creativity, but there are more cold weather vegetables than you might think. When you’ve got just a bit left over, it can be handy to consider less obvious uses, as these recipes show.