Who doesn’t love fruit? A fruit bowl on the table brightens the whole room. And if you miss the moment of peak perfection, no worries. Over-ripe fruit is perfect for cooking!

FRUIT: Fruit smoothies

To make easy smoothies, chop leftover fruit in small cubes and freeze it in a single layer inside of a freezer bag. Later, break the frozen fruit apart and blend with juice.… Continue reading →

FRUIT: Fruit waters

In summer, a cold pitcher of ice water flavored with chopped fruit can be a delicious treat. Citrus fruits, apples, berries, kiwis, mangoes, pineapple and melons lend themselves well to this.… Continue reading →

LEMON: Mini lemon meringues

Lemon meringue pie was my great-grandma’s specialty. She made them very tart, which I consider the perfect foil to the sweet meringue. This meringue-topped custard uses a crumb crust to capture the flavor of a pie without the fuss. … Continue reading →

ORANGE PEEL: Dark chocolate orange truffels

There are plenty of techniques for candying orange peel on the internet, including this thorough method and this shortcut method. In my experience, candying the orange peel is not the problem. The problem is finding enough use for the candied orange peel once it’s made.… Continue reading →

APPLE: Baked apples

The best part of this dish might just be the smell in the house while the apples bake. But the combination of hot apples and melty vanilla ice cream lives up to the expectations the smell creates!… Continue reading →

BANANA: Honey banana shake

I used to order a shake like this from a Middle-Eastern restaurant in Cleveland back in the nineties. I have no idea if it is still there, but I owe them a debt of gratitude for introducing me to this combination. … Continue reading →

BERRIES: Berry tartlets

I like to bake the puff pastry separately of the berries, so the pastry remains crispy. Because the pastry puffs up evenly when cooked without filling, you need to make a divot in the middle to hold the berry quick jam.… Continue reading →

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