It seems to be a rule of life that the amount of herbs you need for any give recipe is never equal to the amount you can buy in the store. I don’t hesitate to toss in extra herbs pretty much anywhere. Fresh green herbs generally don’t keep long so if you do have leftovers use them quickly!

MINT: Mint chutney

This chutney is great with zucchini and onion bahji or with grilled chicken. You can substitute cilantro leaves for up to 3/4 c of the mint which gives it a different but equally delicious flavor. … Continue reading →

MINT: Minted ice cubes

This is a great way to store mint for a longer time. The minted ice cubes are deliciously refreshing served with water, iced tea, lemonade, lemon-lime soda, cola, or any number of cocktails. … Continue reading →

MINT: Fresh mint tea

Calling this a recipe feels unfair since it is so simple. Can we agree that it is more of an idea? This way of preparing mint tea is hugely popular in the Netherlands.… Continue reading →

SAGE: Fried sage leaves

Butternut squash soup with crumbled fried sage leaves is my mom’s go-to Thanksgiving appetizer. It’s elegant but simple, which happens to also be a good summary of the cooking style she taught me. Thanks Mom!… Continue reading →

THYME: Goat cheese panini with thyme

I heard that there is a restaurant in New York which is completely dedicated to grilled cheese sandwiches. A sceptic might say that is elevating the humble sandwich a bit far. I hereby submit this panini as evidence to the cause of grilled cheese as worthy cuisine.… Continue reading →

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