This is the page for everything else you might have left in the kitchen that does not fit the other categories. Flat cola, the last spoonfuls of peanut butter, not your most delicious sounding leftovers. Believe it or not these things can go from unappealing to spectacular.

COLA: Cola glaze

You can easily make a syrup of cola by boiling off the water. It loses some of the vanilla flavor, so I stir vanilla back in at the end to rebalance the flavor.… Continue reading →

PEANUT BUTTER: Peanut sauce

Here in the Netherlands, it’ is hard to tell whether chicken with peanut sauce is an Indonesian dish or a Dutch dish. The concept definitely started as Indonesian, but like English chicken curry or American spaghetti with meatballs, it seems to have wandered far enough from the original to be a thing of its own.… Continue reading →

WINE: Creamy wine sauce

This is an example of a starch-thickened sauce. In this case the reduction is needed to concentrate flavors, since the added starch reduces the intensity of wine flavor. The combination of cream and starch results in a very creamy sauce.… Continue reading →

RUM: Boozy Banana Cake

Per definition the alcohol and flavors in the liquor are easily boiled off; bake them at high temperatures and you’ll lose all their flavor. Far better to use the liquor in a frosting so you get the full impact!… Continue reading →

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