I believe in ‘luxurious’ vegetable treatments. Rich coatings of olive oil, generous doses of salt, and indulgent salad dressings are my forte. It’s easy to eat more veggies when your veggies are the tastiest thing on the plate!

ARUGULA: Arugula prosciutto pizza

I grew up in a strictly-pepperoni-please household, so maybe I was sheltered. Still, some of the exotic European pizza habits I can absolutely do without—– tuna and fried eggs do not belong on pizza—– but arugula on pizza is brilliant! … Continue reading →

ASPARAGUS: Asparagus salad

Asparagus is one of those vegetables, like sweet corn, that is so much better fresh from the field. We have an asparagus farm about 5 minutes bike ride from our house. Their handwritten signage in the village is one of the great harbingers of spring. … Continue reading →

BEET: Goat cheese-beet salad

I have yet to find a recipe combining goat cheese and beets that I don’t like. The combination just always works. This salad comes together quickly, and makes an elegant company-worthy side dish.… Continue reading →

BROCCOLI STEM: Stir-fried broccoli stem

Why did it take me 40 years to find out that broccoli stems are delicious? As it turns out, I like them even better than broccoli! The stems have a mild asparagus-like flavor with a less-fibrous texture. You can use them anywhere you might use green asparagus, and cook them similarly.… Continue reading →

BROCCOLI: Broccoli cheese soup

I wanted to make a broccoli cheese soup with the great flavor of the real aged Gouda available here in The Netherlands. After some failed attempts at getting natural cheeses to melt into soup broths, I came up with this solution. Use a good aged cheddar if you can’t find aged Gouda.… Continue reading →

CORN: Veggie-stuffed sloppy joes

I always try to smuggle a few extra bites of veggies into the kid-favorites by browning bell pepper or corn along with ground beef. You can use any mixture of the vegetables mentioned below for about a total of 1 1/2 cup veggies. … Continue reading →

LETTUCE: Spring stamppot

iterally translated, stamppot is smash-pot, and that’s an accurate description. A variety of vegetables, always including potatoes, are boiled together then smashed together with a few other ingredients for a one-pot dinner. … Continue reading →

SPINACH: Spinach brownie bites

n this recipe, the spinach helps keep the brownie bites moist. If not everyone in your house is ready to embrace this concept you can keep your secret ingredient secret, and these are just moist and chocolatey brownies.… Continue reading →

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